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A hub for reused packaging and shipping supplies.

Looking for shipping and packaging materials? Unburiedco. will let you know when we have it in stock. . .

Feeling guilty about waste generated from shopping online? Here's how you can help your leftover shipping materials get a second life:

  1. Collect them.
  2. Put them in a saved shipping box.
  3. Mail them to P.O. Box 252, Millington, NJ 07946

Like a thrift shop, we clean up your materials (remove labels and tape) and provide them a new home with small business owners. By reusing these types of items, we hope to reduce the demand for new ones and keep what we can out of landfills.

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My thanks and praises to Tracy Pollock for our logo design. Please check her out for workshops, designs, and portraits. -Devon E. Beasley, Founder of Unburied co.